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Mikołaj Żurek

lookbook AW23

„The main goal was to take everything that’s Polish, mix it together and craft a cohesive collection that wouldn’t resemble Poland in any way, at the same time creating a fictional world with folklore at it’s base.
With references drawn from some of the best polish glass designers such as Zbigniew Horbowy or Kazimierz Krawczyk, I tried to construct silhouettes with exaggerated shapes in a delicate way, so that it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the textile.
Details and cuts took inspiration from folk costumes all over the country, ranging from the classic highlander attire to the most colorful and playful skirts from the region of Łowicz. These design details served to emphasize the dignity of work through the elevation of uniform.
Using woolen, military blankets from the 1980s sourced second hand made the collection not only sustainable in every way, but also gave me a chance to show my technical skills and love for symmetry, imposing many techniques used, as well as the entire character of the collection.”

photographed by Tatiana + Karol
models: Michael, Peter, Karol, Alex
make up: Kasia Biały
hair: Adrian Własiuk
retouch: Karina Majchrzak
handprints: Tomasz Orłowski
studio assistant: Basia Król

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